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Kate van der Borgh

Kate van der Borgh

Good writing starts with good thinking.

An idea has no power when it’s in your head.
If it’s to move people, to nudge them into action,
it needs to be made real through words.

The trouble is, the wrong words can damage a good idea.
A reasonable argument can come out tangled, a brilliant thought can sound dull and flat. At the same time, if the idea itself isn’t fully-formed, strong words will only expose its weaknesses.

I’m a writer. I can help you refine your ideas. And I can crystallise them in a way that persuades, enchants, inspires. When the thinking is beautiful, the words can be too.

Thinking and writing

I often help clients to refine and articulate their ideas through core stories and messaging documents. These are a great foundation for other internal and external comms – campaign lines, web copy, and all the other stuff I can write for you too.


I run bespoke workshops for brands. For instance, I worked with teams from Unilever and Vodafone to look at some of the specific communications they have to share with their colleagues and customers – from long, technical reports to blogs and tweets.

Play area

This is where I talk about books, films, TV, music – things that not only make me a better copywriter but also make me smile.

Copy chat

This is the place for my thoughts about copywriting, from tips on working with writers to hot takes on tone of voice.