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Kate van der Borgh

Copy chat? Copy that.

Want to talk tone of voice or ponder brand positioning? Or fancy a natter about story structure and why it matters to businesses? You’re in the right place.

Why tone of voice is not your problem

Loads of brands are convinced they’ve got a problem with their tone of voice. They think they need some tone of voice guidelines – ideally featuring some nice adjectives like ‘straightforward’ and ‘friendly’ – to share throughout their organisation.

Why ditching that last draft is a false economy

It’s been almost two years since I handed in my key fob, tore up my travel card and became a freelance writer. That’s right – time doesn’t so much fly as screech hysterically through the sound barrier.

How to give feedback to a writer

‘I like it. But it needs to be… Different.’ Hmmm. Give feedback in the right way, and get the results you want – faster, and without any fuss.

Freelance writing: things I’ve learned

It’s more than 18 months since I went freelance. Now I’m looking back at everything I’ve learned, so I can do better work and clients can run more successful projects.

A painful conversation

The language we use tells people whether we’re on the same page as them. It tells whether we want the same thing. And that’s one of the reasons why language is extra important for those people who work in healthcare…