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What happens when your vision is unclear

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Think your message about 'massive global change' is inspiring? Think again...

Generally, I don’t much care for Facebook groups. There’s a group for our block of flats, and it’s mostly passive aggressive messages about dog poo in the communal gardens.

But then, in a PR and journalists’ group, someone shared this cracker of an article – and all was forgiven.

For those of you who haven’t clicked the link yet, the article looks at a PDF presentation that has been created and shared by a US startup. The presentation includes the kind of language that clients often feel they should include in their own work – jazzy adjectives like ‘powerful’ and ‘breakthrough’, big abstract nouns like ‘positive global impact’ and ‘massive global change’. The problem is, they’ve forgotten to explain what the startup actually does.

A reminder never to let ‘style’ get in the way of substance…

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