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Kate van der Borgh

There’s no work without play.

Even when I’m working for corporate clients, I’ve always looked to the attention-grabbing writing of fiction, TV and music for inspiration. And, to keep developing creatively, I think it’s important for me to explore different forms of creativity. This is my space to do that – to try new things, make a few mistakes, and learn from them.

Ghost in the machine

I wrote this story back in 2019. I’d just read To Be a Machine by Mark O’Connell, a book exploring how, for some people, death is a problem to be solved by technology.

The History Lesson

This story is about how a moment in time can’t tell the story of a life. It was published by the Fiction Desk in the anthology Separations.


This isn’t a classic short story – it’s more like a pitch for a film or TV series, in fact – but it was fun to write.

The Curfew

This poem is inspired by a tweet that asked women what they’d do if men had a curfew. Many responded that they’d go for a walk. [5 minute read]

For those who love

In this short story from 2016, I wanted to explore how we define ‘ghosts’. [10 minute read]


This story is about how so much of what we mean – perhaps especially in our online culture – lives in the gaps between words. [25 minute read]